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Kiosk mode on iOS differs from the Android platform in that only single app kiosk mode is available and it requires that devices be supervised. Supervised mode can be enabled by Apple Configurator (which requires a reset of the device) or during Intune enrollment via DEP. More details on this can be found in our documentation here A multi-app kiosk is appropriate for devices that are shared by multiple people. Each user can authenticate with the device and receive a customized lockdown experience based on the configuration. Configuring your multi-app kiosk. Configure a kiosk in Microsoft Intune; Configure a kiosk using a provisioning packag In this scenario we will use Pulse VPN and Internet Explorer. Access to any other application or file should be restricted. Autopilot deployment is a requirement. Solution We will use a multiapplication Kiosk Profile in Intune. The profile will define access to VPN client and Internet Explorer only. I selected IE for this post because it has a specific requirement: both 32 and 64bit versions need to be whitelisted in the profile App to run in kiosk mode: Select the type of apps you want to run in kiosk mode. Your options: Not configured (default): Intune doesn't change or update this setting. By default, the OS might not apply kiosk settings. The device doesn't run in kiosk-mode. Store App: Enter the URL to an app in the iTunes App store Multi-app kiosk mode is a lockdown mechanism that limits your device to a set of apps and restricts access to all other apps installed on the device. The multi-app kiosk mode ensures that the device is not used for anything other than to access the applications approved by your organization. The phone app and settings app will get added in the kiosk mode by default

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Shared devices are organization-owned multi-user devices. These devices can be special-purpose or multi-purpose as needed in each environment. Shared devices enable front-line workers in healthcare, hospitality, retail, manufacturing, and other industries to access critical applications and tools essential to their role in the organization. In education, shared devices are used as learning aids or test-taking devices in classrooms Navigate to: Devices > Enroll devices > Apple enrollment and click Enrollment program tokens Open your Apple Business Manager connection. Click Profiles and click + Create profile > iOS/iPadOS Give the new profile a name. In this case I will give it Shared iPads Select the following options; User affinity : Enroll without User Affinity Supervised : Yes Locked enrollment : Yes Shared iPad : Yes Maximum cached users : * Sync with computers : depending on the use case Optionally you. Außerdem können Sie den Zugriff auf lokale Exchange-Postfächer schützen, indem Sie Intune-App-Schutzrichtlinien für Outlook für iOS/iPadOS und Android erstellen, die mit hybrider moderner Authentifizierung aktiviert wurden Multi-app kiosk. Runs multiple app on the device. Apps in this mode are available on the start menu. These apps are the only apps the user can open. If an app has a dependency on another app, then add both apps to the allowed apps list. For example, Internet Explorer 64-bit has a dependency on Internet Explorer 32-bit

Enter a name (we will use KIOSK-M-A-1234 which will be M for Multi, A for App and 4 random numbers) Press next . Add groups . Search for the group created in the first section. Select it. Press select . Review your settings and press Create. Creating Microsoft Edge application. Login to https://endpoint.microsoft.com/ Go to Apps . Select Windows . Select Ad Configure and assign the Kiosk multi app Profile In the final step we are going to create the Kiosk Multi App Profile. Make sure you have the XML file for the Start Layout and all the Application ID's of the apps you want to make available in the multi Kiosk ready. Navigate to Microsoft Intune > Device Configuration > Profiles and click the +Create profile button Fill in the following; Name : Something you like, in my case Win10 - Kiosk - Multi App Description : Is. To disable Single App Mode in the future, connect the iPad to the Mac again, open Apple Configurator, and use the Actions > Advanced > Stop Single App Mode option. Apple provides the tools you need to put an iPad into kiosk mode and lock it to a single app, but choosing an app and ensuring it functions as a proper kiosk environment is up to you. Businesses may need to have custom apps created for specific functions

Teamviewer in Windows 10 Multi App Kiosk mode We have rolled out a Windows 10 Multi App Kiosk Mode at one of our customers and remote in using Quick Assist at the moment. We are facing the problem of remote administration of the kiosk devices, because we cannot elevate an administrator prompt In Intune we also have the option to setup a kiosk device using the kiosk multi app mode. In multi app mode the logged on user is allowed to run multiple apps, but still runs as a kiosk device. Access to other apps and for example file explorer is still prevented Step 2 : Create a Multi-App Kiosk profile In the second step we are going to create the Multi-App Kiosk profile. Navigate to : Microsoft Intune > Device configuration > Profiles and click the + Create profile button. Give this new profile a name and description. Select Android enterprise as Platform and Device restrictions as Profile type. Note: Make sure you select Device restrictions right under Device Owner Only Click Settings / Configure and open the Kiosk page. Select Multi. Use Microsoft Intune to set up a kiosk to run multiple apps on Windows 10. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your. 4 thoughts on Windows 10 - Troubleshoot Intune Multi App Kiosk Configuration Pär says: 09/01/2020 at 15:23. Just curious, how do you even open Event Viewer on an Intune Multi App Kiosk? There's no Run, no start menu, etc. available. Reply. Martin Wüthrich says: 29/01/2020 at 20:59 . if you remove the kiosk profile from the device, you can then normally and check the.

This week is all about creating a custom multi-app kiosk mode for Android Enterprise dedicated devices. The Android Enterprise dedicated device settings also contains multi-app kiosk settings, but in some scenarios those settings can still be a little bit limiting. To create a multi-app kiosk mode, Microsoft Intune relies on the Managed Home Screen app. The fun part is that the Managed Home. New Intune Android Enterprise Kiosk Settings I have been testing the recently released additions to the Android Enterprise Kiosk profile settings and thought I would just write a quick post to show you how these new settings improve the solution. Before I start, I just wanted to clarify some terminology - this Android Enterprise solution set is now called the Dedicated Device solution by. Deploying kiosks in Windows 10 through Microsoft Intune offers a straight forward means of locking down a system to a single or even a multi-app kiosk. Sandy has already covered how to set up a multi-app kiosk using the AssignedAccess CSP method in an earlier blog post -. Can I automatically and silently sign the user into the Zscaler Client Connector app on iOS when the app is rolled out with Intune? This is a very common question I get from clients. The answer is no, and you'll probably never be able to do this. Apple does not allow apps to automatically open and run themselves, and in order to silently authenticate the user during app rollout, the ZCC app.

Currently in Microsoft Intune Standalone when you select Kiosk Mode you have to select either a Managed App or a Store App when you select the Kiosk Mode option. Let's start with the background. To be able to set an iOS device in Kiosk Mode you need to configure it to supervised mode which have to be done with the Apple Configurator on an computer running OS X

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Hello, the Intune Kiosk (preview) has been there for awhile, as I mentioned the last time I tested that, it didn't not work with multiple apps. I know Kiosk Browser is out, but I don't like that doesn't have print function. for local user account, we have to pre create the local account, otherwise apply kiosk profile policy will failed. I have tried use CSP create a local account, but I. This week Microsoft released the new Edge browser, based on the Chromium project.If you have Windows 10 kiosk devices in your organization running the current Edge browser, it might be a good idea to investigate the possibilities with the new Edge Chromium browser.. As the Edge Chromium browser is only available for a couple of days, we are not (yet) able to create a single app kiosk device Multi-App Kiosk: This runs one or more apps from the Desktop. When users using this app sign in, they see a customized Start Menu that shows the tiles for the apps they are allowed to access. Bearing the access control in mind, you can configure a lock-down experience for different account types. When a multi-app kiosk is configured, specific policies are enforced which will affect non-admin. The kiosk laptop needed to be locked down - in this case the client required a single app use scenario. They did not want the full capabilities of the laptop to be available. The first challenge we ran into was that we needed to prevent the kiosk laptop from receiving the users' regular Intune profiles when they signed in, and vice versa

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Microsoft Intune empowers you to achieve more with a great mobile experience, while protecting your company's data. Get started with these easy steps to enro.. While only single app kiosk mode is currently supported for iOS devices, you can add Camera app to the kiosk by implementing the following: Assign the Camera apps to the device group from Intune the conventional way. (Client Apps -> Add App). Assign a Device Restriction profile and select Show or Hide apps as illustrated below. In the. When a device (iOS, Android, Mac, Windows) is enrolled into Mobile Device Management (MDM) to Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune), applications can be pushed to that device. These apps can be custom line of business (LOB), apps from a public marketplace i.e. Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Microsoft Store), win32 (Windows only),etc

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Question on Multi App kiosk mode within Intune. We have all of our computers (these are hybrid joined) on Intune and I'm trying to get specific computers & users using a kiosk mode config. I have created a new configuration file which works as I've tested auto logon as the type and that worked (kioskUser0). However I need it to using a specific user within our local domain (i.e. Kiosk Mode - Android - Multi-App Config. I'm having a few issues with device configuration for an android enterprise device. I'm trying to add the multi-app config file to my devices but it will not work (Velocity App & Chrome). I add the single, it pushes to the devices straight away but if I select multi-app it doesn't deploy. Any ideas where I'm going wrong?? Example. Cheers! 2 comments. When the multi-app kiosk configuration is applied to a device, AppLocker rules will be generated to allow the apps that are listed in the configuration. Here are the predefined assigned access AppLocker rules for UWP apps: Default rule is to allow all users to launch the signed package apps. The package app deny list is generated at runtime when the assigned access user signs in. Based on the. Step 4: Create a multi-app kiosk policy. Log in to your Hexnode MDM portal and navigate to Policies tab.; Click on New Policy to create a new one or click on any policy name to edit an existing one. If you are creating a new policy enter the Policy Name and Description in the provided fields How to send custom notifications to an iOS device with Microsoft Intune. August 21, 2019 Robin Hobo. How to setup Android Enterprise - Corporate-owned dedicated devices with Microsoft Intune. February 14, 2019 Robin Hobo. How to add Windows 10 devices to Windows Autopilot even faster. December 2, 2020 Robin Hobo. 2 comments. Leave new. Kiosk Management. February 26, 2019 2:47 pm. Good share.

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Nachstehend finden Sie Informationen zur Konfiguration des KIOSK-Modus in INTUNE mit dem EDGE-Chromium-Browser und zur Ausführung des Webbrowsers im Kiosk-Modus. Ich öffne INTUNE unter portal.azure.com 2. Konfigurieren Sie Ihren Edge-Chromiom-Browser 3. Wir wählen den Kanal für den Browser aus 4. Wir wählen eine Gruppe von Computern oder Benutzern aus, auf denen wir den Edge installieren. So, the plan was to deploy a multi-app kiosk. Multi-app kiosks are allowed from Windows 10 1709 onward, make sure you have at least this version on your device. I'm going to be mentioning certain baselines here, since certain features are only allowed for certain baselines or simply because I had problems and the fixes were to deploy a particular release or hotfix. Make sure, also, that you. Creating a kiosk or digital sign using Windows Autopilot, Intune, and Edge (Chromium) Therefore I pivoted to use multi-app kiosk mode. I am using legacy Edge due to the issues you point out here in this blog post. This should be a fairly straight forward configuration. I have created an autopilot deployment profile for this scenario, multi-app kiosk mode configuration profile, and a device. The business is looking into various options including utilising Windows 10 Intune Multi App mode. The issue we are finding is the lack of support documentation available re this mode. We have a list of security requirements that must be met and we are struggling to find any info online to determine if this solution is fit for purpose. Or not

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Multi app kiosk: The device runs multiple Store apps, Win32 apps, or inbox Windows apps by using the Application User Model ID (AUMID). Only the apps you add are available on the device. The benefit of a multi-app kiosk, or fixed-purpose device, is to provide an easy-to-understand experience for users by only accessing apps they need. And, also. How to Update Enterprise Apps in iOS Kiosk Mode. An enterprise app or an in-house app is an application developed to use inside the organization. Enterprise apps are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of an organization and thus are not meant to be distributed to the public via the App Store The iOS or iPadOS version of the app that will act as the primary interaction for users has been added to the console (either as a Public or a Custom App from the App Store, or as an Enterprise developed application uploaded to the Workspace ONE UEM console). You can think of this app as your kiosk app. Every device enrolled into Workspace ONE UEM needs to be associated to a user account. For.

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Deploying iOS Apps from Intune. How can we do that? Well, as always. It's simple if you know how. Deploying a VPP (Volume Purchased Program) App is not that difficult. The great thing about VPP. For this post I've selected Multi-app kiosk. Select Add and add the apps previously added to Managed Google Play that were synced with Intune. Remember, do not add the Managed Home Screen app (otherwise it will show up as an app on the screen of the kiosk device which isn't necessary). For the remaining settings, feel free to configure the other settings to match your business requirements. Single App Kiosk. Install the app you want to add in single app mode and then set up single app kiosk mode on your device, thus restricting the device to run a single application. Follow the below link to learn more about setting up your device in single app mode. Single app kiosk mode Multi-App Kiosk

Since I have gone for a multi-app Kiosk, I am going to also add in a Win32 App, in this example everyone's favourite, Notepad. If you noted on the ! screenshot, we use the full path to the Win32 app, so C:\Windows\System32\Notepad.exe. Click Add again. For a multi-app kiosk, we will need to define a startmenu xml layout that we can import in How to enable Multi App Kiosk mode in Android devices. Multi-app kiosk mode locks down the device to a handful of applications pertinent to the corporate-work requirements. Configuring kiosk mode limits the device usage to the specified applications by running only those apps the user needs to access. Kiosk mode lets you exert complete control.

How to configure an Android device in Multi App Kiosk mode with Microsoft Intune. In previous blogs I talked about how to configure Android Enterprise - Corporate-owned - dedicated device mode, and as an addition, how to configure Kiosk Single app mode for Android devices. We have the choice of two kiosk modes; single app, full screen or multi app. In this example I create a single app kiosk device. When creating a single app kiosk device, you can choose between three application types; Edge browser, Kiosk browser or store app. If you setup the kiosk device to run a browser like I do, have a look a Multi-app kiosk: Runs one or more apps from the desktop. Users using the kiosk see a customized Start Menu that shows only the tiles for the apps that are allowed. Important Info For this post, we use Windows 10 1903. If you encounter any problem or hang during your deployment, make sure to use the latest Windows version as all technology used in this post gets updated in each new Windows.

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  1. Click Get the app Click Close Open the Azure Portal and navigate to Microsoft Intune > Client apps > Microsoft Store for Business and click the Sync button. The kiosk browser will now appear between the other applications. Open the Apps tab and click on the Kiosk Browser application. Click Assignments, and then click Add group. Select the group of devices you want to configure in Kiosk mode.
  2. In Part 2 of this series, I explained how to prepare the ingredients to create an Android Kiosk device in Intune and in this part, part 3, I or remove the existing apps: Only Kiosk (multi-app) applications are installed. There are other options to enroll Kiosk devices other than the QR code, but essentially they will end up going through the same steps, just without the QR reader app. How.
  3. With Intune Kiosk devices, you can configure devices for single or multi-app kiosk mode. If a kiosk device's restriction profile is set to Kiosk mode = single app kiosk, users can only access a single app. When a device configured in this mode starts up, the specific app starts. Users are restricted from opening new apps or from changing the running app. If a kiosk device's restriction.
  4. Since then, iPads all over the globe have been employed in commercial, retail and hospitality settings serving the role as information kiosks, digital displays and mobile Points of Sale. If you're looking to use your iPad as a kiosk and lock down the device to a single app, here's how it's done using the inbuilt iPad guided access feature
  5. Intune managed home screen ios By Peter van der Woude, KPN ICT Consulting Microsoft's Managed Home Screen Android management app enables IT to configure a kiosk device that can run multiple apps and limits features that the user can access. The IT device can use the Managed Home Screen app as the startup start screen within Microsoft Intune to deploy these Android configurations by using.
  6. Microsoft Intune: Deploy Company-owned device. Create the enrollment profile: go to Microsoft Intune > Device enrollment > Android enrollment and click Corporate-owned dedicated devices.. Click Create Profile and then give it a name, description and a token expiry date (max 90 days). Click Create in the create profile window.. Click profile you just created. Click Token
  7. Personal iOS/iPadOS devices with Apple Automated Device Enrollment Personal iOS/iPadOS devices without Apple Automated Device Enrollment . The default management of iOS/iPadOS devices are personal devices where there is a 1:1 relationship between user and device. If Apple Automated Device Enrollment is not used, user will have to download the Company Portal application from the Apple App Store.

This week is all about Win32 apps in Microsoft Intune. Last year I've written a lot about the different features of Win32 apps and now, starting with the 2102 service release of Microsoft Intune, there is a new feature for Win32 apps. That feature is the ability to create supersendence relationships between different Win32 apps. That relationship can be used to update a Win32 app to a newer. I'm trying to setup a multi-app kiosk profile using a win32app, internet explorer 11. When I set this up, everything saves properly on the intune side and the profile pushes to my test device. Once I reboot and the system auto signs in it shows IE11 but when I click to launch it, I get an AppLocker this application has been blocked.. message. I can add other win32 apps and they open without.

Last year I wrote a post about Create Windows 10 Kiosk devices using Microsoft Intune - multiple apps, When I wrote that, it was mainly for Windows 10 1803, there are some improvement after that for Windows 1809, like exception for Downloads folder, auto start application, but also have few bugs with Windows 10 1809. Bug 1: Assigned Access multi app doesn't work if System language is non. Hello, I work for a school that would like to provide a simple experience to student that use our shared tablets, the current system is to use a domain with limited access and a custom start menu, but I would like to create a kiosk type device that will give the student a single multi app · Hi Steven, Yes, this can be done via.

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  1. Create a multi-app kiosk. Create a multi-app kiosk using the Kiosk Wizard. You can configure the multi-app kiosk with various applications and utilities as follows: Utility: Folder, Banner, Text, Calendar, Cock, Bookmark, Dialer, and Content. You can also configure the Kiosk by setting a policy in the profile
  2. To add-on to Jason, it sounds like you're looking for something that's not like the standard kiosk mode functionality of both platforms. That would leave one other option, which is show/hide apps on iOS and allow/block apps on Android. For a lot more information, please refer to
  3. Already from February 1, 2020, the Intune Managed Application was going to removed from Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Since March is right around the corner, it's about time to get prepared to do the switch. Regarding a smooth transition, Microsoft let us use all the same Browser Config settings like com.microsoft.intune.mam.managedbrowser, so basically we just need to target.
  4. Give the profile a name, select the platform (Windows 10 or later in this case) and choose Kiosk for the profile type. 3. Configure the Profile. Click settings to configure the profile. This is where you will select the kiosk device to be either a single app, full screen kiosk or a multi-app kiosk. For this tutorial, we will select single app.
  5. To create a multi-app kiosk mode, Microsoft Intune relies on the Managed Home Screen app. The fun part is that the Managed Home Screen app already contains a few more settings that are currently only available via app configuration policies. In this post I'll start with a quick overview of the app configuration options that exist nowadays, followed by showing an app configuration example for.
  6. Go to iOS > App Management > Mandatory Apps > Configure. Click on +Add > Add App. Search and select the app and click Done. Associate the policy with target entities (devices, users, groups or domains) from Policy Targets and save the policy. Notes: Supervised iOS devices support the silent update of enterprise apps

For the MultiLine for Intune iOS App, this policy MUST be configured to Any dialer app. This policy enables minutes calling mode of MultiLine for Intune Dialer App URL Scheme--This policy is associated with the previous policy for Click-to-dial. For the MultiLine for Intune iOS App, this MUST be left blank. Receive data from other Apps. Policy managed apps or All apps. This policy is. For multi-app Kiosk, iPhones and iPads must be running iOS 9.3 or later versions. For Autonomous Single App Mode, iPhones and iPads must be running iOS 7.0 or later versions To facilitate automatic app installation and update, the apps provisioned in Kiosks must be purchased/approved through ABM. Single App Mode (SAM

Apple lets you purchase multiple licenses for an app that you want to use in your organization on iOS/iPadOS and macOS devices using Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager. You can then synchronize your volume purchase information with Intune and track your volume-purchased app use. Purchasing app licenses helps you efficiently manage apps within your company and retain ownership and. I'm trying to setup a multi-app kiosk profile using a win32app, internet explorer 11. When I set this up, everything saves properly on the intune side and the profile pushes to my test device. Once I reboot and the system auto signs in it shows IE11 but when I click to launch it, I get an AppLocker this application has been blocked.. message. I can add other win32 apps and they open without issue, but IE11 will not. Currently working with premier support but haven't found a. iPad. Description. Microsoft Intune helps organizations manage access to corporate apps, data, and resources. Company Portal is the app that lets you, as an employee of your company, securely access those resources. Before you can use this app, make sure your IT admin has set up your work account

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Under Managed Intune app to use for kiosk mode choose Microsoft Edge Then click OK , OK, OK and click Create to create the configuration profile Next, click Assignments, then under Assign to click Select groups to include and choose the Device Security Group you created previously and click Select then click Sav ProSurf Kiosk Browser for iOS is an add-on app of Scalefusion MDM Solution. Using Scalefusion MDM, you can centralize the control and management of your iPads & iPhones. You can remotely update apps, track device locations, control branding, publish content to the devices. With ProSurf and Scalefusion MDM solution you can efficiently manage your fleet of kiosks and deliver an interactive digital experience to your customers Intune: Waiting for install status 1 minute read Couple words about Kiosk Profile and Waiting for install status A couple of weeks ago I bought another new device to my lab - this time was HP EliteDesk 705 DM - really nice hardware with physical TPM 2.0 to test AutoPilot features Create a Multi-App KIOSK profile to allow apps to run within Managed Home Screen. Now we need to create a Multi-App KIOSK Profile to enable Managed Home Screen to further lock-down the device and show the end-user with only the applications they need to work with. Now this is a fairly simple task of creating a device restrictions configuration profile to customize the device experience. Below.

Intune mobile application management refers to the suite of Intune management features that lets you publish, push, configure, secure, monitor, and update mobile apps for your users. MAM allows you to manage and protects your organization's data within an application iPad Kiosk Mode allows you to run only one app in the foreground and restrict users' access to any other apps or device settings. iOS Kiosk Mode works only on supervised iOS devices that are enrolled in Scalefusion MDM

Tap on Passcode Settings. Click on Select Guided Access Passcode (this password allows you to enter and exit iPad kiosk mode). Enter a passcode (you will need to enter it a second time to confirm the code). You can also opt to use TouchID or FaceID (if it is available on your iPad) to end Guided Access Only different between standard user and kiosk user is just the enforced tablet mode with custom full screen start menu. Would be also good to use Shared PC mode, so that kiosk user profile will be deleted in some point. Because kiosk profile is using tablet mode, so all application windows size are maximized. It is OK to use with single application, but I found a bit difficult to use when is using multi apps with small display, specially when you are using many apps in the same time Going off the title question - Setting up multiple O365 organisation accounts on iOS and interpreting that to mean you want to have multiple Intune profiles on a single iOS device because you (or your customer) has multiple accounts managed by different Intune servers; unfortunately, the answer is no, this cannot be done. Intune only supports deploying app protection policies to only one user. When using the Managed Home Screen in multi-app kiosk mode, there's a Custom app layout setting. With this setting, you can: Create folders, add apps to these folders, and put the folder on the Managed Home Screen. You don't have to order the folders. Choose whether or not to order apps and folders on the Managed Home Screen. If you order, you can also MDM's Kiosk Mode (also referred to as App Lock) supports both single app and multi-app lock for mobile devices running Android, iOS, tvOS, iPadOS, Windows 10, as well as Chrome OS. It ensures that users do not navigate out of the app in the case of Single App Kiosk Mode or navigate only between the kiosk apps in the case of Multi-app Kiosk Mode

Multi-app kiosks. Apps in this mode are available on the start menu. These apps are the only apps the user can open. If an app has a dependency on another app, both must be included in the allowed apps list. For example, Internet Explorer 64-bit has a dependency on Internet Explorer 32-bit, so you must allow both C:\Program Files\internet explorer\iexplore.exe and C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe Choose the Kiosk type as Single app or Multi app, to enable iPad Kiosk Mode with multiple apps and in the next field, specify the iPad Kiosk app (s). Configure the device settings, and restrict the hardware buttons as required Multimonitor support for Windows 10 Kiosk mode. We have a huge problem with the Intune Kiosk profile for our customer. When we assign a Kiosk profile to a device it works perfect as long as you attach one monitor to the device. With multiple monitors attached to a device the Kiosk profile will break the automatic logon

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Adding an iOS application in Microsoft Intune is, fortunately, a simple process: Add an application and choose 'Store app - iOS', then search the app store; Search for 'Citrix', 'Citrix Receiver' or 'Citrix Workspace' Choose 'Citrix Receiver' or 'Citrix Workspace' depending on what is returned; Save the change and Add the application; Assign the application as required; The application will be available in the Intune Company Portal When creating an iOS App Protection policy you may have noticed the section Target to all App Types. If you choose No you can then tick whether the policy applies to managed or unmanaged devices. Your probably thinking at this point OK great I'll create two policies and on one policy tick Apps on Intune Managed Devices and the other tick Apps on Unmanaged devices and I'm. I will also explain another known issue with Apple DEP and Single App Mode. Multi-Factor Authentication and Apple DEP . To empower your users with their new Apple devices you really want to use Single App Mode in your Apple enrollment profile. This configuration basically locks the iOS after the first launch and automatically enrolls the device to Microsoft Intune without any complicated user. By personalizing iOS devices with their own apps and content, users take greater ownership and responsibility, leading to higher levels of engagement and increased productivity. This is enabled by Apple's management framework, which provides smart ways to manage corporate data and apps discretely, seamlessly separating work data from personal data. Additionally, users understand how their.

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The cause is simple: a Kiosk mode policy has been deployed to manage an app, which is not installed. Upon booting up, the iOS device attempts to load the application and lock it in the foreground as a Kiosk. When the app is not found, it ends up locking the entire device down in a non-responsive state If using multiple domains: 163.com&164.com mandatory:EnableAppleLogin: Integer 1=True 0=False : Specify if users can with Apple ID. MeetingReminder: Integer 1=True 0=False: Specify if upcoming meeting reminders are enabled. SyncMeetingFromCalendar: Integer 1=True 0=False: Specify if synced calendars are enabled, allowing Zoom to check users' calendar for Zoom meetings and add them to. Enable for time clock kiosk: On your iOS device, go to Settings, then select General. Find Guided Access, and turn it on. With the Time Clock Kiosk app open, quickly triple-tap the home button. At the top right, tap Start. To exit guided access. Quickly triple-click the Home button. Enter the Guided Access passcode. Step 5: Set team member PINs . Setting team member PINs: A team member needs. Microsoft Intune: Configure KSP policies. First you will need to go to the Client apps section, select Apps and then click Add.. Then choose the App type as Managed Google Play from the first drop down men

Deploying kiosks in Windows 10 through Microsoft Intune offers a straight forward means of locking down a system to a single or even a multi-app kiosk. Sandy has already covered how to set up a multi-app kiosk using the.. Unable to connect (send inventory information) to Microsoft Intune notification in the Jamf console: 4466607: Intune: Setting minimum OS enrollment restriction for iOS to version 11.3.1 causes enrollment to fail: 4467953: How to add a built-in app to multi-app kiosk mode devices in Microsoft Intune: 446967 All apps you want on the device need to be assigned to the device group as well as listed in the Mutli; App or Apps Approved and Assigned to your device group in Intune. (Single Kiosk or Multi-Kiosk modes) Assign the Managed Home Screen App to the Device group. Does not need to be selected in the Kiosk multi mode app list thoug Microsoft Endpoint Manager is a single, integrated endpoint management platform for all your endpoints. It integrates Configuration Manager and Microsoft Intune. This course focuses on Intune: a cloud-based service in the enterprise mobility management (EMM) space that helps enable your workforce to be productive while keeping your corporate data protected Can new app releases be automatically updated on devices? As a workaround, in Intune, I unassigned the app, deleted the app, added the app again, and reassigned it, and it then installed the latest version to the device. Further background - I am using the new multi-app kiosk mode but not sure if that makes a difference

Einrichten eines Kiosks mit mehreren Apps (Windows 10

You can use Microsoft Intune to quickly configure a Windows 10 kiosk that runs multiple apps. When a device is configured as a multi-app kiosk, the pe.. Multi-identity in the managed Outlook app - Part 1. This blog post can be seen as a follow up about a previous post about the email profile behavior after retiring a mobile device. During that post I showed the behavior of email profiles in the native mail app and the Outlook app after retiring the mobile device Deploy Client Apps to Managed Intune Devices. The Company Portal allows and administrator to push, install, uninstall, and make available, applications for end users. Applications can include Office 365 apps, web apps, Microsoft Store apps, iOS Apps and more. The Company Portal will only display applications that is relevant to the device they. This was the most exciting thing I saw at MMS 2012. I knew what System Center was capable of, but I wasn't expecting to see iPhones and iPads (as well as Android, etc) being managed by Microsoft from the cloud, using the same solution for managing PCs. This week I've been setting up a demo Continue reading Managing Apple iOS Devices From Windows Intune

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